To ensure that you enjoy your wooden elements for a long time, it is important to have the right substructure, installation technique and maintenance. We support you in preparing your construction site and are there to assist you before, during, and of course, after the installation with advice and practical help.

If trees had names, we’d know each of them personally.

At HIRAM Habitat, we prioritize creating value from the very foundation - beginning with the forest itself. This is where our journey starts, and it continues in the production facilities of our partners, where traditional craftsmanship is utilized to produce exceptional wood products for home living. Our brand is supported by our own timber trading, ensuring that every tree selected for our products is carefully inspected by our forestry experts and chosen according to the highest quality standards. Even in the forest, each tree is marked and designated for its intended use. With years of experience, our team assesses characteristics such as branching, straightness, and the growth patterns of the tree's annual rings.

Our wood mainly comes from the Black Forest and Eastern France.