Deciding on a wood façade is always a good idea. After all, in terms of its aesthetics, the use of energy and the environment, as a building material, wood is far superior to its competitors.

We manufacture façade elements from the local wood varieties of Douglas fir, silver fir, larch and spruce. To guarantee a particularly long durability, we use strong wood, i.e. wood from large trunks. Almost no limits apply to your design possibilities. The range of possible designs is wide. We will be pleased to inspire and assist you personally with your façade project.

A wood façade is usually installed with “suspended back-ventilation”. In this system, the façade and building envelope are no longer directly connected with each other. This creates permanent rear ventilation of the outer façade, which prevents the development of mould and damage due to sustained moisture. Moisture can also flow out of the building to the outside at the same time. A wood façade of this kind protects the building reliably against all weather conditions.

Rabbet joint profile board

Smooth-edged profile board, planed

Rough tongue and groove profile board

Block plank with double groove and tongue with chamfer

Double groove and tongue profile board with chamfer

Rhombus profile board

Rhombus double groove and tongue profile board

Surface treatment and colour


The “greying” of the wood due to natural weathering conditions combined with roof overhangs and shading may result in the façade having an irregular visual appearance. To counteract this, the wood is treated with a grey glaze before installation. The result: the natural and uniform weathering of the wood from the start.

Sawn quartz

Planed quartz

Sawn lava grey

Planed lava grey

Sawn basalt

Planed basalt

Would like to see what these surfaces look like in person? Then simply order a sample. We will send it to your chosen address.

Colour treatment

An opaque colour coating creates a uniform surface on the façade and allows a great deal of design freedom. We mix the colours according to the customer's requirements.

Planed colourless

Sawn colourless

Planed larch

Sawn larch

Planed platinum grey

Sawn platinum grey

Planed silver ridge

Sawn silver ridge

Planed old grey

Sawn old grey

Flamed and planed light spruce

Flamed and sawn light spruce

Planed grey aluminium

Sawn grey aluminium

Sawn silver

Would like to see what these surfaces look like in person? Then simply order a sample. We will send it to your chosen address.

Assortments, texture and grain

Our façade elements have what are known as vertical annual rings (rift and half-rift). This means that they are made of strong wood and/or trunks and are significantly more dimensionally stable and durable due to their special cut. These vertical annual rings lend the elements a calm, straight and uniform surface texture of the façade.

Rift and half-rift

Depending on the part of the tree trunk that the floorboard is sawn from, the annual rings meet the surface of the floorboard at different angles. When floorboards with a similar rift are fitted, the uniform annual ring pattern in the grain of the floor creates generally calm visuals.