Like charred, only without any traces of soot. Our wall panels in the "charcoal" design are processed using a special embossing technique and then oiled in colour. Even hundreds of years ago, wood was burnt to make it more durable. Because of its unusual and puristic style, the leathery black surface is more in demand today than ever before.

Product facts


Quarter-sawn solid wallpanels in Silver fir

  • Thickness: 20 mm, Width: 130 mm, Length 2.30 m
  • Grading: "Urban Classic", small knots allowed
  • Profile: Four sides T&G for endless installation
  • Humidity: 10 % (+/- 2 %)
  • Weight: 750 kg/m³
  • Use: interior
  • Surface: oil black, other colours upon request

Colouring and surfaces

For this surface treatment, the wood is embossed and then oiled in several passes to create a leathery structure. Whether light or dark oiled, with us you can choose the desired surface for your project.

Would like to see what these surfaces look like in person? Then simply order a sample. We will send it to your chosen address.