Eating passages like those of a beetle wood. The only difference is that no real beetles were used to create this look, but rather an embossing machine that imitates the beetles' feeding tunnels. The wood of the silver fir wall panels is treated with a light oil after embossing.

Product facts

Blackforest Spruce wood

Solid wooden wallpanels

  • Thickness: 20 mm, width: 130 mm, length: 2,30 m length
  • Grading: "Country Classic"- rustic look
  • Profile: Four- sides T&G
  • Moisture content: 12% +- 2%
  • Weight: 650 kg/m³
  • Use: indoors
  • Surface texture: planed
  • Texture: Beetle wood, oiled, colour optional

Colouring and surfaces

Our wall panels made of beetle wood are oiled. The colour is freely selectable. We use a wide range of natural oils. They penetrate deep into the wood and create a protective, breathable exterior. The matt, oxidation-dried surface ensures a natural appearance and emphasizes the grain of the wood. The oil has a moisture-regulating effect and creates a healthy indoor climate. Small areas of damage can be re-oiled with or without polishing and are easy to repair.

Would like to see what these surfaces look like in person? Then simply order a sample. We will send it to your chosen address.

If the trees had names, we would know each of them personally.

At HIRAM HABITAT, we go beyond merely offering a selection of materials. Each product is carefully crafted from hand-selected trees, ensuring the highest level of precision and attention to detail. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and sustainability.