Individually manufactured products made from wood

Hiram Habitat is dedicated to bringing the natural beauty of the forest into your everyday living space through our sustainably sourced, high-quality wood products. Discover our range and the special wooden products for interior and exterior. We offer comprehensive wooden solutions for your construction project.

Healthy living

Moments spent in the forest are moments of strength and tranquility, surrounded by the fresh air, scents of nature, and a sense of being at home.

This same sense of comfort and warmth can be brought into your home through the use of wood, a renewable raw material that releases its healthy attributes into our living spaces. It absorbs heat and moisture, improving the

Creation of value and quality

At our company, the creation of value begins in the forest. After all, that’s where we choose each of our trees. Each tree tells its own story: of mild or harsh winters, of the varying weather conditions, of the wind and of the orientation in which it stands. Its growth characteristics, texture, branches and grain make each tree unique. We process our wood according to the traditional craftsmanship to create high-quality wood products for the highest quality-related aspirations.