At our company, the creation of value begins in the forest. With the root, as it were. And it continues in the production facilities at our partners’ sawmills and wood workshops. This is where superb wood products for home living are created with traditional craftsmanship. The Hiram Habitat brand stands for highest quality and the respectful treatment of raw materials and people.

Choice of tree

The choice of tree is a central and an emotional moment, time and time again. Most of the trees for our wood grow in the Black Forest and the Vosges, as well as in the Pfälzerwald and Odenwald forests and the Rhine Valley in Baden. We know our forests well, and constantly track their development and health. We take it for granted that they are exclusively managed on a sustainable basis, which has been confirmed by the FSC and PEFC sustainability certificates.

Using native species of wood and cooperating respectfully with partners in our local region is our top priority. Short distances, direct contacts, personal relationships – in this way we can guarantee our customers quality, local expertise and reliability.


After harvesting, the logs are processed into sawn timber at our partners’ sawmills and dried. In the first step, the wood is air-dried. Each type of wood has its own drying time.

The second drying phase takes place in state-of-the-art drying chambers, in which the wood is dried until it reaches the required residual moisture.

Timber workshop

The timber is stored carefully, and then makes its way to our production location where it is processed further by trained craftsmen. The timber is planed and trimmed; unwanted parts are removed and loose knots are glued, before it is planed again and cut to its final dimensions. The result are high-quality floorboards, wall panels and façade elements.


We finish the wood according to our customers’ requirements. Almost no limits apply to the style. Whether planed, sanded, brushed, oiled, bleached, soaped – in the final step of its processing, the surface of the wood is given considerable depth, and the grain and colour gradations of the wood are emphasized and highlighted. Each product undergoes a detailed inspection after this final stage.