Sustainable forestry

For several generations, foresters have watched over and maintained our forests – with the consistent goal of providing for future generations. Today, however, our forests are under threat in many places. Environmental pressures, climate change and excessive use by people can overwhelm their natural capacity.

Sustainable forestry requires a sustained commitment to maintaining the ecological balance. That is because biodiversity is the basis for healthy forests. Our wood originates exclusively from sustainably managed forestry, mainly in the Black Forest and the Vosges.

Quality takes time. We work with traditional sawmills and wood workshops in our local region which have been practising their trade for generations. While our local wood stands out due to its considerable durability, it is also easy to work with. Compared with materials such as metal and stone, it is relatively resource-saving, which makes wood into a low-emissions building material.

The durable building material

For us, “sustainable” primarily means making durable, high-quality products that last for generations. And although this is just a minor benefit, there is no waste when they are disposed of after decades of use, because wood is a purely natural product.


The perfect size

By using custom-made wood solutions in interiors, we avoid excess waste wood during the production on the basis of individual calculations. Our forestry engineers select the timber according to the order in the forest. The maximum yield is achieved during the processing, whether the finish is angled or rounded. For example, timber which cannot be used for floorboards goes into use as narrow, slim wall cladding or is processed in the form of solid skirting. Cross-cuts and wood chips are pressed into briquettes and used for the production of energy