Our family business is dedicated to providing sustainably sourced wood of the highest quality, utilizing age-old traditional craftsmanship to refine the natural raw material of wood.

“Wood – each of our products is unique and unmistakable, just like every snowflake and every fingerprint.”

– Fabian von Saucken, founder

– Bernhard, Fabian and Alexander von Saucken

1984 marks the foundation of our family business by our founder, Fabian von Saucken. He fells tree trunks in the Black Forest, extracts them with logging horses, and sells them to local sawmills. The resulting company name, HIRAM, refers to the biblical-historical figure Hiram, King of Tyre (999 BC - 935 BC), a Phoenician king who provided cedarwood and craftsmen for the construction of the Jerusalem Temple.

Today, the focus of the family business HIRAM is on adding value to high-quality wood species from Western Europe. From the desire to bring wood into people's everyday living spaces, the brand HIRAM Habitat was born through the efforts of the sons, Alexander and Bernhard. Through our own raw material procurement and refinement of wood surfaces, we offer an exclusive selection of individually crafted wood products for interior and exterior areas, with the help of our manufacturing partners:

  • Solid wide planks and plank floors up to 15 m long and 40 cm wide
  • Engineered long planks up to 15 m in length and 50 cm in width
  • Herringbone parquet in custom dimensions
  • Rift and quarter sawn planks and paneling
  • Terrace planks produced in rift and quarter sawn cut

Wood as a raw material

Trees spend anywhere from 80 to 200 years growing in the forest before they are selected and used to make wood products. Each tree carries its unique history within it, shaped by its natural environment. The growth characteristics, texture, and grain all tell its story. We understand the value of each tree and respect its characteristics by creating wood products of the highest quality that last for generations. We carefully select our wood, adhering to strict and binding criteria, and prioritize fine, narrow annual ring textures and high-quality and stable materials.

Our timber is sourced from sustainable forestry in southern Germany and eastern France, with a focus on short transport routes and gentle use of the forest. We plant more trees than we fell, a practice that has been in place for centuries. We also make sure to use the entire tree, so no valuable raw material is wasted. The majority of the round wood we use is FSC- or PEFC-certified, ensuring that it is sustainably sourced.

Healthy living

Incorporating wood into your living space brings a touch of nature into your home. This is the core of our mission. As one of the oldest building materials in human history, wood has numerous benefits for our well-being. Its natural properties, such as absorbing and releasing heat and moisture, improve the indoor climate and regulate temperature. Additionally, wood has a pleasant smell and aesthetic appeal with its unique colors and grains. It is also beneficial for allergy sufferers as it does not produce static like plastic, reducing the amount of dust it attracts.