Create healthy and natural living spaces

Solid wood flooring, parquet
and design elements

HIRAM Habitat provides customized solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces. As a family-owned business established since 1984, we specialize in crafting solid and engineered hardwood flooring, parquet, and rift sawn wood products, tailored to individual orders and sourced from locally obtained wood. The founders' aspiration and vision: to bring wood into people's everyday living and dwelling spaces.

Bespoke solutions in wood for interior and exterior

If trees had names, we’d know each of them personally.

At HIRAM Habitat, we prioritize creating value from the very foundation - beginning with the forest itself. This is where our journey starts, and it continues in the production facilities of our partners, where traditional craftsmanship is utilized to produce exceptional wood products for home living. Our brand is supported by our own timber trading, ensuring that every tree selected for our products is carefully inspected by our forestry experts and chosen according to the highest quality standards. Even in the forest, each tree is marked and designated for its intended use. With years of experience, our team assesses characteristics such as branching, straightness, and the growth patterns of the tree's annual rings.

Our wood mainly comes from the Black Forest and Eastern France.

Wood, a natural material down to its very grain, continues to be a part of our lives long after its time in the forest. It becomes a silent storyteller, a natural witness to countless cherished moments within our beloved home. A meticulously crafted plank floor, whether solid or engineered, is designed to last for decades, and even centuries. Bring the essence of nature into your home for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Natural Architect villa, Königswinter

Natural Architect villa, Königswinter

Vertical grain Silver fir wood and concrete, complemented by a recurring color scheme, turn this private villa into a natural and nature-inspired home. Bringing together two realms, it embodies a thoughtfully crafted, sustainable concept, paying close attention to every detail.

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Modern Residential, Ustersbach

Modern Residential, Ustersbach

This modern residential impresses with clear lines and Japanese design accents. The HIRAM Habitat Ocean wallpanels, a facade in charcoal optics and a beautiful stone garden complete the minimalist Japandi style of the house.

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Wood as a raw material

Each tree we use for our wood products has spent a significant portion of its life in the forest before we carefully select it for our production. Each tree carries with it a rich history, shaped by its natural environment, including its unique growth characteristics and texture, with its cracks, knots, and grain. We understand that this wood has the potential to last for another 200 years, when it will be used in homes.

We hold wood in high regard, and never treat it lightly. We respect the natural characteristics of the wood and use them to create wood floors of the highest quality that will last for generations. We take great care in the selection process, adhering to strict and binding criteria to ensure the best quality.