Bespoke Wood Flooring made in Germany and France

HIRAM Habitat specializes in crafting bespoke wood flooring using western european sourced natural wood of exceptional quality. Our artisanal approach combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to deliver an exclusive selection of solid and engineered floorboards, pattern floors, and premium interior solutions. Discover unmatched elegance and sustainability with our handcrafted wood flooring options.

Wood types

We meticulously select locally grown wood species like French oak, ash, and German Douglas fir for our products. Our team of forestry experts carefully choose logs from sustainably managed forests, focusing on large logs that have matured slowly over time. These logs are harvested during the winter season, ensuring optimal quality and sustainability for our wood products.


We specialize in crafting custom solutions tailored to your project needs. From sanded to brushed, rough-sawn to shrunk finishes, we provide a diverse array of individual surfaces and colors. Whether you're aiming for a cohesive interior design or wish to blend various wood types, colors, and patterns, our wide range of options ensures endless possibilities for your vision.


Sizes of our engineered floorboards:

  • Thickness: 17 or 21 mm | 0.67 ̎ or 0.83 ̎
  • Widths: 200 - 500 mm | 7.87 ̎ - 19.68 ̎
  • Lengths: 1- 15 m | 3.28 ̍   - 49.21 ̍

Sizes of our solid floorboards:

  • Thickness: 20 or 28 mm | 0.79 ̎ or 1.10 ̎
  • Widths: 200 - 500 mm | 7.87 ̎ - 19.68 ̎
  • Lengths: 1- 15 m | 3.28 ̍ - 49.21 ̍

If trees had names, we’d know each of them personally.

At our company, we prioritize creating value from the very foundation - beginning with the forest itself. This is where our journey starts, and it continues in the production facilities of our partners, where traditional craftsmanship is utilized to produce exceptional wood products for home living. Our wood mainly comes from the Black Forest and Eastern France.

We are more than happy to provide a quote and support as you search for your dream floor.

Ordering process

Get informed now about the process of creating an offer, manufacturing, installation, and cleaning & maintenance of your hardwood floor. We would be happy to accompany you throughout the entire construction project.

Consultation and selection

We are happy to provide advice and support throughout your construction project. In showrooms worldwide, you have the opportunity to see a selection of samples or larger installed areas.

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Custom manufacturing

We manufacture the hardwood floors according to the specific requirements of your project. They are custom-made and tailored to your needs. Upon request, we will gladly provide you with our current delivery times.

Worldwide Shipping and In-House Installation Service

We arrange the transportation of your flooring right to your doorstep. We are happy to recommend a Hiram Habitat installation partner in your area. Alternatively, you can opt for our in-house installation service.

Maintenance & Cleaning of our plank floors.

We are pleased to provide you with advice on the optimal cleaning and maintenance of your Hiram Habitat plank floor. If you are running out of cleaning products, you can conveniently order the suitable products directly with us.